Shirts to Question The Narrative


The Brainchild

"Ingenius!  Light-years ahead of its time!"

Albert Einstein

"Tarzan wear Ninja shirt on Sunday..."

King of The Jungle

"We don't make those here..."

Xi Jinping
President of China

Carl (#1 Grasshopper)

Founder & CEO


Although he may silently nod while acknowledging praise from others, we all understand Carl is only a Grasshopper in the eyes of the Ninja.

But even so, near the beginning of Covid-19 Carl found himself asking, “How can I protect and provide for my family?” and “How can I contribute to the fight against this terrible disease?”

The answer emerged somewhere between his ears…the Ninja magically appeared and soon creative, quality T-shirts were Carl’s obsession – first, to fight the virus, and then, as the world situation devolved, to sort out the lies and fight the “sharks”.

Carl lives near the action, in the shark infested waters of Seattle...where he paddles as fast as he can. When not thinking-up new T-shirts, you can find him immersed in outdoor adventures along with his family. He’s also been known to frequent various musical events where his daughter plays a mean piano.

Carl's greatest desire is to (alongside The Ninja) equip you for battle in the arena of culture and competing ideas...